About Me


My name is Amit Cohen, an Israeli who lives is Johannesburg, South Africa.

With lots of experience in the internet marketing and SEO, I am today working with few local companies,
servicing them with SEO, Link Building, and Affiliate Management.

I’m also a VBA developer,
which means I create Excel applications for every demand you may think of.
Please contact me and send me your comment.

Thank you,

Few more things about me:

  • Ex-Kibbutznik from the center of the Israel.
  • Bachelor of Industrial and Management, Technicon, Haifa, Israel.
  • Lived in Eilat for about 10 years.
  • I am an Israeli, I am a Zionist, who believes that Israel is The Jewish State. And we don’t need any partnerships.
  • Former Captain in the IDF.
  • If I ever return to Israel I’ll probably be living in Haifa.
  • Hobbies: Photography, Computers, Reading books, Internet, Programming, Software, Open Source, Riding Motorcycles and Salsa.
  • I don’t have an iphone.
  • I didn’t buy any tickets for the 2010 World Cup games.
  • I held a rough diamonds worth over a million dollars, amazing!
  • Haven’t been to Cape Town yet.
  • I visited Zimbabwe several times, there is no real reason to be there…